This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

New tab bug.

Gordon Sun 7 ár síðan updated by Joel Thornton 7 ár síðan 0

Thanks for this great add on. However, when I start a new tab, it does not show up as a root tab of the window. It insists to open as a child tab of a existing tab.

I'm on mac. Definitely look around your code of generating a new tab and place it somewhere, see if you can find something that pick the wrong parent.

Joel Thornton 7 ár síðan

I think this should be fixed as part of today's release. Can you verify?


suggestion: auto-group hibernated tabs

Philip Gleghorn 5 ár síðan 0
Excellent extension, a small suggestion - in my case I rarely need to access "Last Session" or "Hibernated" tabs, and close them all from time to time, but do want to keep them just in case. They tend to crowd out the current Window tree, so I close them all in bulk from time to time. It would be nice if they were automatically grouped as one at the top, and then labelled by timestamp within
e.g. so the frame has at the top
> Last Sessions
[which expands to]
> Last sessions 2015-09-17.. (n pages)
> Last sessions 2015-09-16.. (n pages)
> Window (n pages)

Docking not compatible with a vertical windows task bar

Peter Knight 8 ár síðan updated by Joel Thornton 8 ár síðan 2

I have a dual monitor setup with one vertical windows task bar in the middle. Having sidewise docked pushes windows behind the task bar, which unfortunately ruins the benefit of the extension. I know there aren't a ton of people with a vertical task bar on Windows but I thought I'd let you know.

Joel Thornton 8 ár síðan

I have seen this issue previously but thought I had it fixed. Will investigate, thanks for reporting it!


How can I download the latest build? In Opera 22x the developer mode does not allow this.

Kenny Gilbert 6 ár síðan 0
Great Work!!!

Is it possible to get a link to download the latest build?

Thanks ... Ken

Waiting for such thing since a long time...

Farrukh Waheed 7 ár síðan 0

Yup, this is what I was waiting for to switch from FireFox. And now I'm almost on Chrome now.

Just suggesting following two:

  • Now as in Firefox and Opera where you can use Bookmarks from sidebars, -Can you please develop similar addons to provide Bookmarks tree structure in sidebar.?
  • Make it possible to Auto Hide these side panels.
Best regards



Draw tabbar in content area / theming support

Ethan Bailey 8 ár síðan updated by Joel Thornton 8 ár síðan 0

Wow. Way beyond any expectations I ever had for a windowed side tabs implementation. All the extra features are excellent. But I just don't know if I could ever get used to having the browser unmaximized. I hate the look of the window border, the wasted space, and the constant threat of accidentally resizing the windows. Is it not possible to draw the tabbar in the content area? Why not have it popup/autohide over the edge of the currently displayed webpage, or shift the page content over to make room? Anyway, keep up the great work! PS: The option of a dark background would be nice. Thanks!

Joel Thornton 8 ár síðan

It is technically possible to have the tabbar appear inside pages, but unfortunately it's not possible for every type of page (e.g. not on chrome://* pages, http://*.png, ftp://*, ...); and that is the main reason I didn't take that approach. That and the fact that it would take significantly more resources to draw/maintain a tabbar within every open tab.

The real proper fix for the issue you describe is for the Chrome team to implement a true sidebar API for extensions to use. They had one mostly working in 2011, but decided to cancel the whole project and delay the implementation until 2013 soonest. Given that, I decided a "best approximation" solution would have to suffice until then.

Assuming you're on Windows, a possible partial solution for the resizing issue is just to maximize the docked-to window whenever you want the maximized effect. I agree it's not pretty having two windows open, but at least you can get a decent approximation of a true maximized-window-with-sidebar that way. For what it's worth, it took me a couple weeks to get used to the "not really maximized" look, I don't notice it anymore.

If you have multiple monitors you might also try turning off the "allow Sidewise to unmaximize the dock window" option and see if that suits you.

I like the black/theming idea, and am marking this issue as "planned" until I get to implementing a proper theming system. It's all just CSS driven styling so it should be pretty easy for myself and others to produce new themes.


focus the sidewise panel instead of page rows on mouse hover

royalcrown 7 ár síðan Uppfært 7 ár síðan 2

I know that "focus page rows on mouse hover" exists for mac users. However, I was wondering if there could be an option that would focus the sidewise panel, rather than specific rows. Focusing the rows on hover makes it easy to accidentally pick the wrong tab, and it still takes two clicks to remove or hibernate a tab. If the mouse would automatically focus on the sidebar as a whole, then only one click would be needed to access any of the tab interface and behave much more like Windows.

Under review

Joel, you give me hope for using Chrome for work...

Ross Brunson 7 ár síðan updated by Joel Thornton 7 ár síðan 1

Is there a way to have a Sidewise window appear on multiple screens?  In other words, I have a Home instance of Chrome and a Business instance of Chrome, but only a single instance of Sidewise...

Joel Thornton 7 ár síðan

Not currently possible that I know of, if you're using Chrome's multiple-users functionality. I daresay you could make it work if you were to use two instances of Chrome with different user-data directories, as described here:

Supporting multiple sidebars in an open (fully customizeable) way is somewhere on the Sidewise todo list.


Feature request for a real Chrome Sidebar. Please vote for it.

BenjaminMcCann 6 ár síðan updated by Kenny Gilbert 6 ár síðan 1
Please star the following issue in the Chrome issue tracker, which would make Sidewise even better.

Attach to new window automatically.

Carlos Umanzor 7 ár síðan Uppfært 6 ár síðan 3

If you are working in multiple windows, you have to manually click in the icon to dock the sidebar to that window. It would be wonderful if you could dock automatically to the window that has focus