This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

"Close window" shortcut shouldn't close Sidewise window

Samuli Kärkkäinen 5 years ago • updated by Samuli Kärkkäinen 2 years ago 4

Sidewise does its best to act like it's not a separate window, which is good. With Firefox's Tree Style Tab, one of my common usage patterns was changing the tab using mouse wheel, and closing tabs using ^W. With Sidewise that instead closes the Sidewise window. It would be good if ^W in the Sidewise window instead closed the currently active tab.

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

Good idea. Fixed in next version. 


How do i disable last session feature?

Lee 4 years ago • updated by marcus shmidt 2 years ago 4

I don't need it because i use History in chrome if i want to restore last session. 

i can't understand even why the feature made in.. 

i found this session feature at other simillar ext. but ... why? Chrome's History feature is enough.

annoying so much. i everytime remove it. 

btw thanks to nice ext.

I'm going to donate some $ if few problems solved.


Multiple sidebars for multi-monitor setup. AND styling/themes for sidewise

Abbas Khan 5 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 5 years ago 1

Hey, I've been using tree-style-tabs on firefox for a long time, and finding something similar on chrome is really great. I was wondering about two things.: 

(A) is there a way to get a separate sidebar on each monitor? Right now i have two monitors, each have a chrome window but i have to keep going to the 1st monitor to select tabs on the second monitor. It'd be awesome to have each monitor have its own sidebar .

(B) styling for sidebar. A darker backgorund version would be nice as the white  background is too strong on the eyes (with my otherwise dark browser/windows).

Thank you

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

(A) This is tentatively planned but probably won't get completed for some time. 

(B) Styling support in general is planned, and I'm planning on at least a couple darker themes to come packaged with that: one that closely mimics Tree Style Tabs, and one that mimics this editor's lovely color scheme.


Disappearing Undocked Window

Jeremy Wallis 5 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 5 years ago 9

Now that I've had a chance to play with Sidewise properly I've decided to use it undocked (I'm not widescreen), and I'm toggling the pop-up with the toolbar button. All that is good except whenever I select a tab from the pop-up, the pop-up disappears. If I'm browsing the tabs this is a pain - can you change the behaviour to keep the pop-up in front until the user chooses to dismiss it? That would be mighty useful and in any case is the same 'behaviour' as having the docked sidebar in place while using it. Wondering if this is actually a bug....?

Other problems that stem from this behaviour is that double clicking an tab on the list doesn't work as the pop-up is instantly dismissed on the first click, and mouse hover has the same effect - pop-up vanishes as you move the mouse over the first tab in the list.

Many Thanks - hope you can do something with that.

EDIT: I'm also finding that I have to click on the toolbar button twice before it appears - at least initially.

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

I've made a change for the next release which will do at least part of what you ask for here when the sidebar is undocked and you have the "keep sidebar visible" option checked: when you click rows in the sidebar, Sidewise will refocus the sidebar after the focus-switch takes place.

However, the main problem with this solution is that the sidebar popup is not truly an "always on top" window. Chrome provides no mechanism currently for extensions to make a window always-on-top. 

Thus when clicking on rows in the sidebar, with this solution in place, the popup temporarily disappears (because the main Chrome tab is focused and brought to the top) and then reappears (as the solution's code refocuses the sidebar). Also, if you then click on the actual page, the popup again disappears (goes behind). Which then requires clicking the Sidewise button twice to (close, reopen) the popup.

I am marking this as FIXING while in consideration of possible additional solutions:

- (Windows only) Make the Sidewise Helper AHK script (currently in development) set the Sidewise window to be always-on-top while Chrome is focused; this would be the best-functioning fix but only works on Windows and requires running my extra helper program

- Solve the two-click problem to reshow a hidden undocked sidebar: one possibility is to compare the dimensions of the Chrome window(s) and the sidebar to deduce whether the sidebar is partly or completely hidden onscreen, and if it is hidden, then clicking the Sidewise button should just raise the sidebar instead of closing it.


Sidewise forgetting tabs and resetting settings.

Tim John 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1
No idea why, but Sidewise has forgotten my hibernated tabs more than once over the past few weeks. I just launched Chrome to find that as well as losing my hibernated tabs, the settings have reset, and sidewise is docked as it would be on a fresh install. None of my other extensions have been reset. How has this happened? If I can't trust Sidewise to remember my (many) hibernated tabs I may as well remove it and save me some RAM...

Color settings

Matthias Henning 5 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 5 years ago 0

This extension is awesome! However I'd love to see an option to change the background and font color.

I'm browsing sites like reddit a lot and with the Reddit Ehancement Suite I can change to a "night mode" which basically inverts the colors to black background and white font. 

Something like that would be awesome.



Make a selection of the current tab when you open sideways.

Лёша 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

When you first open the Sidewise the current tab is not marked in any way.

By nowHow it should be, i guess.


Is this extension still actively developed?

Rob Wohleb 5 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 5 years ago 0

There are a lot of issues in the github issue queue without responses. A big issue right now is that you can't hibernate an entire window ever since the last release in July.

If you don't have time to continue development, can you release the source code in github so we can fix things and send pull requests?

Joel Thornton 5 years ago

It is still being developed, but I haven't had a lot time for it recently.

I agree that open source is a good solution to this. My next major goal for the extension is to get the code cleaned up enough to make it open source. I am currently planning on doing this before adding any new major features.


Is Sidewise supposed to save folders and their content between browser sessions?

Johnny Wilson 5 years ago • updated by Snooz 4 years ago 2

Is Sidewise supposed to save folders and their content between browser sessions?


Always show last session tabs.

donzon 4 years ago 0
It's not working to disabling 'Tree remembers open tabs between browser sessions' option. When restarting Chrome, Sidewise always show previous opened tabs under a hibernated 'Last Session' regardless of disabling this option.