This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

Sidewise reopens deleted tabs

Stephen Almond 7 years ago • updated by Diego Abbasbayli 6 years ago 2

When I open Chrome, Sidewise opens automatically, but it now brings up lots of previously closed tabs ( the closed tabs now shown in Hibernated mode).

This didn't use to happen - seemed to start in the past few days.

How can I stop this behaviour?


export to the interent to synchronize tabs multiple browsers

andry wolf 6 years ago • updated by Metacore 5 years ago 1
Thank you! good extension!
Have exported to a file but do not export to the interent
to synchronize tabs multiple browsers on different computers.

I for myself have finalized and implemented an extension function to export all settings and tabs in, and import them back into the expansion of
If anyone is interested please contact us by e-mail: or share examples show modifying extension will be glad to cooperate with the developer


It would be nice to export/import the tabs in a window to a text based format.

Patrick Oliveras 5 years ago • updated by Pysis 3 years ago 1
A kind of basic compatibility to allow for integration, automation and other user defined functionality.
It may even allow for faster and vaster feature testing!

In my opinion, you're making the best tab manager out there, mainly because of the problems you're focusing on.

Option to hide the close tab icon upon tab hover

onguarde 7 years ago • updated by Joel Thornton 7 years ago 0

I frequenty click the close/hibernate icons accidentally when in fact, I only intend to select the tab.

This happens mainly because of the small width of my sidewise tree bar. I prefer this so as to reduce screen real estate.

It's nice if the hovering icons be made optional. Really useful also if you're already using shortcuts like "middle-click" to close tab. 


Sidebar width

máté sipos 6 years ago • updated by Josh Leperkawn 6 years ago 2

Sidewise can't remember my width setting.


Sidewise won't launch anymore

barracuda 4 years ago 0
Sidewise won't launch anymore. The icon is still there but nothing would happen when you click it.

I've been using Sidewise for about 2 months and have accumulated more than a thousand hibernated tabs. Before this problem of Sidewise not launching occurred I'd noticed that some of tabs I opened were not appearing in Sidewise. But, when I restarted Chrome and reloaded the last session tabs, the tabs previously not appearing could now be seen in Sidewise.

But now when I click Sidewise icon nothing happens. I tried restarting Chrome and also restarting computer but it still won't work. I'd like to try reinstalling Sidewise but I'm afraid that I might lose my hibernated tabs.

Please advise on how can I make Sidewise work again or how to recover my hibernated tabs. Thanks in advance.

Use rather than localStorage

Sae Hirak 6 years ago • updated by nao 3 years ago 8

As the title says, it might be better to use rather than localStorage. There's two reasons for this: is asynchronous, which supposedly makes it faster. But more importantly, localStorage is limited to either 2.5MB or 5MB of data. But if you use, you can use the "unlimitedStorage" permission.

Speaking from experience writing Chrome Extensions, is the best way I've found to persistently store user data. And if you're worried about it being async, it's easy to write a buffer so that the API remains synchronous, but behind the scenes it's still async. I can give more details if you like, including working code.


new version chrome (32.0.1700.76) trouble

yakuza 6 years ago • updated by IvanS 6 years ago 1
I have new chrome (version 32.0.1700.76)  with sidewise (Version 2013.9.15.0). Behavior is unstable. Often sidewise is crashed and ask for close. Sometimes (very often) chrome is blinking. Restart chrome is not helps.

Open new tabs at the top instead of bottom

onguarde 7 years ago • updated by Chris Appleby 2 years ago 9

The idea is to make it easier to see...

Currently, when you have a lot of tabs, you have to frequently glance down!

This is inconvenient because we are usually focussed in the top left of the screen. (where the text starts on the page view).

As such, the best place to put the tabs we're currently working on will be near the top.

The older tabs should be at the bottom.

(The concept is similar to webpage design. The prime view estate is the top part. The bottom parts is not where the eye lands first.)

Joel Thornton 6 years ago

I don't have a date for this, but consider it on the priority todo list.

What I would really like to do is just rethink how the tab-ordering/nesting logic works overall, and create options for each specific case, e.g. "where to place new tabs opened via address bar", et al.