This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

remove this subject please

Frederic Maugein 8 years ago 0


Automatically maximize a parent window after closing the sidebar

Dmitri Kaminski 9 years ago 0

Would be nice to have this feature if possible because it's a little bit uncomfortable to maximize the main window every time after closing the sidebar (when clicking Open Sidewise button)

Thnx in advance


Close and hibernate buttons no longer present on tabs in sidewise window

Matt Potts 8 years ago 0

I'm on win 8 and chrome "Version 31.0.1650.48 m".  The sidewise window is acting like it needs a horizontal scroll bar, but there isn't one:

- hover over bubbles disappear off the right edge of the window

- the right click menu disappears off the right edge of the window

- resizing the window (even to the full width of the screen) doesn't alleviate the issue


Chrome flickers!

Maik Winterkorn 6 years ago 0
Same with me. Sometimes switching between tabs in some non-logical way stops it. Closing and restarting also sometimes, but the behaviour is still weird. And happens frequently!

can you add keep in sidewise in stead or next to notepad

Age van den Berg 6 years ago 0
It would be handy to have keep there instead of another note thing

More glitches - tabs not in sync with Chrome

dsl101 9 years ago 0

Not major, but still seems a few things manage to slip through. Sorry I can't detail exactly how I arrived here - I had the 3 pinned tabs open, and then had one or 2 more open which I closed with a middle click in Sidewise. I think my trusty old Intellimouse might be developing a fault, because sometimes closing a tab in this way also creates a new blank tab - suspect the switch is bouncing. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

Note the 'New Tab' in Chrome but not in Sidewise. I quick 'refresh' (with F5) on the Sidewise window normally gets things back - but this time the New Tab had an interesting favicon:

Maybe Sidewise is suggesting that I might like to start a new Wikipedia page about Sidewise?


Promote child tab to parent, if parent is closed

onguarde 9 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 9 years ago 1

This is an option in tree style tab.Let's say u have a google search tab with lots of child tabs.

Then if u are finished searching on google, you can simply close it since you don't intend to search anymore.Then, you process the child tabs of that search.

However, the tree structure is lost once the parent google search tab is closed. All the child tabs will become root tabs.This makes the tree very messy. (see screenshot)

Joel Thornton 9 years ago


I am also considering implementing the following options:

  • Replace closed tab with its children in the tree (the current behavior)
  • Promote first child of closed tab as new parent
  • Replace closed tab with a new Folder row
What do you think of option 3?


"Move Tab/Branch to Folder" on right click.

G. Strout 8 years ago 0

Can you please, please, please add the option to "Move Tab/Branch to Folder" on right click? 

I have a large amount of Folders that I use to keep my various Browser sessions 'saved', but once the list of hibernated tabs gets long enough, dragging a new tab from the very end of that list all the way back up to a Folder near the top (forcing the screen to scroll) is surprisingly prohibitive. 

I am amassing a lot of unorganized tabs simply because the drag and drop function doesn't work well after the list is over a certain size. I think this feature might make it much easier to keep them oranized.


Any update on stopping tabs from jumping around?

Philip Johnson 6 years ago 0
Under review

Really bad runaway chrome process

dsl101 8 years ago updated by George Floratos 4 years ago 9

Recently I've been noticing my PC (reasonable 3GHz 4 core AMD) slowing down. On inspection it was a chrome.exe process running at 100% (well, 25%). It took a while for the Task Manager menu to open, but I was eventually able to kill it. It took 3 goes (and does every time this happens). On the 3rd process kill, everything springs back to normal - except for the 'Snap' message in the SW window. Reloading the extension solves it for a while.

Really keen to help solve this one - it's driving me nuts and makes Chrome somewhat unreliable with SW running...