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Scott Krusemark 7 years ago 0

HI, I just found that if a folder name contains a dash that I could not put objects in the folder.  For example a folder name of RA-EPS-INTG would not behave as expected.

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Single icon view?

Praying Mantis 6 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 6 years ago 1

Basically, I now have a new monitor set up that is rotated so it's in portrait. This is highly beneficial for web browsing (though my main purpose was PDFs and multi-tasking)—normally! This is because my portrait monitor has a resolution of 1050x1680, so its horizontal resolution is just about enough to work for most websites nowadays. This presented a problem, though. I often run a lot of tabs. Now with Chrome on this monitor, as opposed to my landscape monitor, all of the tabs are narrow triangles with no icons, thus having to awkwardly find out what each one is.

Sidewise seemed as if it could be an ideal solution for this. However, even at its minimal width, the Chrome window on many pages displays a horizontal scroll bar, making navigation less easy. Would you be able to introduce an icon view? You could move the buttons at the top vertically, and then have all tab names displayed by mouse-overs, if you get what I mean. :)

Joel Thornton 6 years ago

Trying to understand what you mean: are you essentially looking for a sidebar that displays horizontally (e.g. across the top of the screen) and just shows tab icons instead of labels too?


Close tab in Sidewise on middle-click

Nikita Nadezhdin 6 years ago 0
I would appreciate if you could implement the middle-click to close tab in the Sidewise window.
This is a default behaviour on general tabs...

Thanks for a nice extension!

Large title bar

máté sipos 7 years ago 0

Solution for large title bar and thick borders on Windows:



Any Planned Updates?

B. A. Hansen 5 years ago 0

Select by domain/opener

Hansen W 6 years ago 0
After installing, I realized that Chrome has two new context menu options, Select by domain and Select by opener. I clicked on them but I'm not quite sure what they do or what purpose they have.

Add hibernate directly into Chrome's context menu

Hansen W 6 years ago 0
I'd like the option to be able to hibernate tabs directly from the Chrome window without reaching over to click on Sidewise.

Missing tabs problem again

dsl101 7 years ago 0

Until the recent update, Sidewise had been pretty consistent. But there seems to have been some regressions - I'm getting multiple 'Last Session' rows appearing, and also tabs in the wrong order or completely missing (see the Birmingham Airport tab below).

Joel Thornton 6 years ago

This should be fixed in today's release.


periodic http authorization on hibernated tabs

Justin Johnson 6 years ago 0

Kind of a weird bug - 

Basically, periodically, sidewise attempts to authorize http sessions with hibernated tabs - 

As I work with an enormous amount of equipment, this occasionally results in several hundred routers, none of which I am interested in dealing with at the moment, simultaneously spamming me with authorization requests.

I suspect that this may be connected to Chrome losing internet connectivity, but I have not confirmed this.

It's also important to note that the HTTP auth attempts come up as a sub-focused window of the sidewise tab, not of the main chrome screen - not sure if that helps track it down or not.