This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

Reproducible crashes on specific websites

Cleroth 10 years ago updated by Stavin Carrien 5 years ago 6

Sidewise keeps crashing while using some websites. One of the culprits is:

Everytime I open any page on the MSDN website, Sidewise either crashes immediately, or shortly after. Hibernating the MSDN tab and then waking it crashes 100% of the time.

Joel Thornton 9 years ago

  • Add the video-driver-causing-crash issue/solution to the upcoming FAQ
  • Look for additional ways of reliably acquiring the correct favicon for sites like


Option to disable children tabs

tesseract 4 years ago 0

There must be a way to switch off the parent-child relationship and just align the tabs vertically with no relationship at all.

Previously Tree Style Tab could do that by pushing a setting on a browser level (FF w/o WebExtensions). What would be the option here in order for that to happen?


How to raise window on tab select (or double-click, or right-click)

Daniel LaLiberte 9 years ago 0

I can find no way to get the window containing a tab to be raised (displayed, exposed, unminized) by sidewise, other then selecting the window row itself.  I want to do it from the tab row because I often have many tabs in each window, and sometimes the window row is far away.

Searching answer

Can this extension be coded to work with out "reading every page that you visit"? - Medium alert Your data on all websites

SilverWave 9 years ago updated by John Sterling 6 years ago 7

Can the the extension work with out "reading every page that you visit"?


Medium alert

Your data on all websites

This item can read every page that you visit — your bank, your web email, your Facebook page, and so on. Often, this kind of item needs to see all pages so that it can perform a limited task such as looking for RSS feeds that you might want to subscribe to.

Caution: Besides seeing all your pages, this item could use your credentials (cookies) to request or modify your data from websites.

Joel Thornton 9 years ago

Essentially, Sidewise requires this level of access because it has to communicate with each individual tab/page for various pieces of information that are used to construct and display the tree's contents. 

For example, Sidewise uses the referrer (opening page's url) of each page to help it uniquely identify which page goes with which row in the tree (e.g. during session restore). Currently, this information can only be obtained in Chrome by asking each page for it. Similarly, Sidewise needs to communicate with each page to ensure that we have the correct page titles and favicons at all times.

Other features such as the Youtube timer also rely on this kind of page communication. And future features, such as "search text on all pages" from the sidebar, will require this permission as well.

The real problem, from an extension developer's perspective, is a lack of fine-grained control over what an extension needs to see on a page. Currently, it's basically an all-or-nothing affair. If I need one bit of information from a page, I have to request permission to see the whole page.

I will give some thought as to whether page-access could be made into an optional permission. Having it disabled would definitely impact some pretty core aspects of how Sidewise works, and I'm not sure the penalties in tree functionality/accuracy would be worth it. I suspect users might find the limitations it introduces to be annoying or confusing.

I will be open sourcing the Sidewise codebase in the not too distant future, at which point other developers can independently verify that Sidewise does not do anything bad with its access to these permissions.

Until then, the best I can offer you is my personal promise that Sidewise does not, and never will read or collect any of your personal information without your explicit permission.


Chrome fullscreen view on multi-monitor is fab!

dsl101 10 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 10 years ago 0

Just realised I can get a cleaner look by putting Chrome in full-screen mode - when on the right hand monitor, sidewise sits on the right-hand edge of the left monitor, and gives loads of browser space, plus easy access to tabs.

Now, if sidewise could replicate the bookmark and/or toolbar from Chrome, there'd be no need to have the chrome window at all!

Joel Thornton 10 years ago

Glad you have found a way that works well for you.

A bookmarks sidebar pane is definitely on the todo list, though replicating Chrome's own bookmark-bar probably won't happen.


windows shutdown chrome fails to close when sidewise is on

Barry Greenwood 8 years ago 0
when shutting down my computer chrome fails to close if sidewise is on

Standard sessions to be opened at startup

Max Muster 9 years ago updated by Muntoo Meddler 9 years ago 1

I'd love to have a standard session to be opened at startup. Be it a simple branch of tabs  or a folder, a single tab with a hibernated folder (with some sort of "startup bookmarks") or even a complex tree with several branches, folders (windows?) and hibernated tabs.

The next step would be to open different sessions on startup depending on time, date or other variables...


access permission

HQ RQBQ 9 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 9 years ago 0

First off, I'd just like to say what a great job you have done. I have been looking for something like Sidewise on Chrome as I make extensive use of tree style tabs on ff and the lack of a decent alternative was stopping me (until now) from making more use of Chrome.

My question is regrading access permissions. Why does Sidewise require permission to my data on all websites?


(I'm also currently unemployed so have not donated yet but I fully intend to when I am back in work)