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Really bad runaway chrome process

dsl101 11 years ago updated by George Floratos 7 years ago 9

Recently I've been noticing my PC (reasonable 3GHz 4 core AMD) slowing down. On inspection it was a chrome.exe process running at 100% (well, 25%). It took a while for the Task Manager menu to open, but I was eventually able to kill it. It took 3 goes (and does every time this happens). On the 3rd process kill, everything springs back to normal - except for the 'Snap' message in the SW window. Reloading the extension solves it for a while.

Really keen to help solve this one - it's driving me nuts and makes Chrome somewhat unreliable with SW running...

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Can you enable diagnostic logging in Sidewise options, then once you see SW pegging the CPU, go back into options and click 'Send diagnostic report'?

That may give me enough info to reveal what is going awry here.

Will do - only happened once today so far :| Might be a tricky one to catch

No runaway yet, but the advantage of debug mode is that zombie tabs are really easy to sort out with 'reset tree' :). Perhaps that could be built in to non-debug mode using CTRL+R (similar to reload with no caching on a main chrome tab)?

And of course, within minutes, it happened. I've sent the diagnostics, and it said it had succeeded. Hope it helps pin things down :)

I'd say this is happening 2-3 times a day now on average. The quickest way to fix it I've found is to disable SW in Chrome settings, then enable it again - I keep the Extensions page open all the time now :)

I've also noticed that on re-enabling SW, I see a hibernated version of any tabs which I opened prior to the runaway, as well as the real 'live' tab which is open in Chrome. I presume this is just a side-effect, but wondered if it might help pin things down.

Please let me know if you need more info - it would be great to solve this one, as it's making SW a bit niggly to use, which is such a shame...

Another possible pattern - tenuous, as it could just be when it becomes obvious re CPU usage, but I'm noticing it whenever I'm typing into a google search box and have Google Instant active. Don't know if that could be triggering it somehow?

OK - it's getting pretty repeatable now. It happens when searching via the Chrome omnibox using google instant. As soon as I either go to the main google homepage and search from there, or turn off SW and search from the omnibox, everything is fine.

this is driving me crazy.  chrome is about to be uninstalled forever. 

wtf google.