fixes - options

Ben Langdon 5 years ago 0
Please make these options.
- remove search
- remove sesion "master tab" that can collapse all tabs from that session, i just want a new session every time i quite (this will give more room to see the tabs names)
- no gimiky page loading icon, just make it simple/professional or nonexistant
- don't need settings or "pages" and "closed pages" tabs, just make it so you can not have any of them or you can have them enabled if you want
- an option to where tabs open relative to where there opened. Say I on a page with a bunch of links, I open 3 new tabs by opening them in new tab, I want the most recent tab right next to the parent tab, not at the end of the list
- make the tab bar as small in width as possible, it will not go under 100px
- make it so it doesn't open anything from last time i quit
- make it so that I can restore my previous session, if i quit or crash (i know there are other extension but this would be nice to have, just like in firefox)

Basically just make it, so i can make it not show anything besides tabs. while i am guessing these buttons are for "newer" users or "power" users, I don't care for them, just make it an option. I use tree style tab in firefox and can't live without it. You extension seems to be the only one for chrome like this and while it is probably a niche market, I am definitely your prime demographic. It is the only thing that is holding me back from switching since chrome came out (years ago now). I did read that you can't hide chrome's tab bar and that is definitely a downside, that would be great if you could fix that in some way.

anyway thanks for the extension, I will not be using it as hard as the firefox right now as as yours is still clunky but as soon as you polish it, I will not be a chrome user, i will be a sidewise user using chrome.

thank you.