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Bug: New tab lost focus on address bar search

IvanS 12 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 12 years ago 9


Firts of all congratulations for this app, it's awesome! I've already donated because it's very useful for me. THANKS!

Now about the bug:

When I am on any page and press CTRL+T (or double click on blank space in SideWise), it opens a new tab correctly:

Image 21

Now I can make two things:

  1. (This option goes OK)
    Now if i write down on the address bar a URL, it goes OK: shows the url and the focus is on the new tab:
    Image 22

  2. (Here is the bug)
    Instead of writing down on the address  bar a URL, I write down a word (in order for searching to google it), the new tab searches it BUT it lost the focus instantly, as I show in the photo below:
    Image 23
    As you can see, the tab moves up the old tab, and lost focus, so focus now is on the old tab.
That's frustating, because it's something I do a lot of a times, new tab and search on google.

Thanks in advance... keep it up!


Under review

I believe this is fixed in the new version (just released). Can you please check and let me know if it's now working properly (or not)?

Under review

I believe this is fixed in the new version (just released). Can you please check and let me know if it's now working properly (or not)?

Hello Joel:

The bug is still there...

I do the same... and it loses focus... :(

Thanks for the work, keep it up

Can you give me a specific list of steps that cause the problem for you? Like "1. Press Ctrl+T. 2. Type the following..." etc.

I can't seem to reproduce the problem here but maybe I'm not doing it the right way to cause the problem.

-- also, can you confirm you are running the current version of Sidewise? You can check it by going to the Sidewise options page, and in the upper right corner if you are on the current version it should say "Version 2012.11.23.0". 

If it does not show that, you can force Sidewise to update by right clicking the Sidewise icon next to the address bar -> click Manage Extensions -> check the "Developer mode" checkbox in the upper right -> click "Update extensions now" button just below that checkbox. It should then take about 10 seconds to update.

Yes I have Version 2012.11.23.0

It's very simple...

With any tab opened...


2-write any word: for example nba

3-Press Intro

Thanks for the work!

I have chrome 23.0.1271.64 m and no plugins about tab management... except yours.

And if I disable your extension, everything is ok...

Can you please do this?

- Go to Sidewise options page, click "show advanced options"

- Check the "Enable diagnostics" checkbox near the bottom

- Reproduce the problem you are describing

- Switch back to the options page and click the "Send diagnostic report" button

- You can then uncheck "Enable diagnostics".

Hopefully this will send me a detailed enough log of what happened for me to identify the cause of the problem. Thanks!

OK I found the option that make the bug appear:

"Use smart focus logic when closing tabs" If I disable it, everything is OK

If I enable it, it happens what I said.
That's it! Now this is awesome, thanks again!

Do you need me to do what you said about "Enable diagnostics"?

Yes please if you could. The information about smart-focus causing the issue is very helpful though and gives me a pretty good idea of what is going wrong. But the diagnostic report should give me about as clear a picture as it is possible to get, without me actually coming over to your house :P