This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

Chrome starts to flicker when switching on the pages pane in Sidwise

NeoDevlin 11 years ago updated by Aiden 5 years ago 22
Hi, i love your extension. But since maybe 3 days chrome starts sometime to flicker. It seems like it is because losing focus on chrome and the focus is switching forth and back between chrome and Sidewise. This also effects other programs, too. I can stop it temporarily buy minimizing chrome. To stop it completely if have to turn off and on sidewise or restart chrome. I can't reproduce the bug every time, but when it happenend I can start it again by clicking on the pages icon in sidewise.

Tabs Jumping around in position in Chrome

Brian T 11 years ago updated by Hansen W 4 years ago 34

For some reason my tabs positions jump around while I'm using them in Chrome.  I'd like to request they stay in the position they were opened or dragged to.  Thanks!

Joel Thornton 11 years ago

With the latest release I have fixed the most common cause (that I am aware of) of unwanted tab reordering/jumping. I'm pretty sure there are still at least a couple other (rarer) causes of this, so I'm still looking for those, as well as formulating a plan for how to prevent this problem completely going forward.

If my new plan works, then Sidewise should become immune to tab-jumping issues regardless of other bugs in Sidewise (or changes in Chrome) that can currently cause the problem.

For example, one general issue is that if Sidewise somehow fails to add a newly created tab to the tree (e.g. Chrome doesn't notify us about it), that can currently induce tab-jumping problems because Sidewise's tab order is out of sync with Chrome's tab order. My plan will prevent circumstances like this (which are essentially unavoidable as Google evolves the Chrome Extension API) from leading to the tab-jumping behavior.


I really want to get this problem fixed but it is a difficult one to reproduce. So far I almost never see it occur here, and can't reproduce it reliably.

I'm going to try some new methods of "forcibly" causing Sidewise to do this bad tab-jumping behavior this week to see if I can trace down the exact cause and/or appropriate solution.


Youtube won't play after jumping forward

Ultra Woodman 9 years ago updated by Rafael Nunes 3 years ago 8
When I jump forward in a youtube video, it just freezes and no matter how many times I press the play/pause button (or just the video area) it doesn't start playing. It usually shows the correct screenshot for whichever part I jump to, and it indicates that it's playing (it shows a pause button in the lower left corner instead of a play button).
When it happens, the video won't play any part, not even if I jump back to the beginning. Reloading the page makes it play normally, though. Until I try skipping forward again.
It seems to not happen to all videos, but the ones I've tested have apparently all been html5, so it's not caused by the video being either flash or html5.

My browser disabled Sidewise because "This extension violates the Web Store policy."

Daedalus 3 years ago 0

I can switch it back on, but does anybody know how Sidewise actually violates the policy? Or is this an error?

Browser is Brave v 1.28.106.


Open the Code!

Alex P-B 11 years ago updated by George 5 years ago 9

Hey - It would be great for this to be an open source project!

I imagine it would make it much easier to support the wide varity of platforms chrome runs on if people using (KDE for example) can tweak the code.

Joel Thornton 11 years ago

Definitely will be doing once I get a bit more of the core functionality I want in place and stabilized, and tidy up the code a bit -- still got a lot of //TODOs floating around ;)

Without making any guarantees I am projecting to open the code in 3-6 months.

Under review

Features from Tree Styled Tabs Firefox

Milos P 12 years ago updated by Mark Moziak 10 years ago 16

This is the plugin I waited for years to switch from Firefox, but it still needs a few things for better user experience and usability. 

What I am missing from firefox version (and more)

  • Mouse Wheel to scroll through tabs
  • Better styling of tabs
  • Closing parent tab promotes first child as parent
  • Another option to view all bookmarks the same way
  • Auto-collapse unfocused tree

Joel Thornton 12 years ago

Mouse wheel tab switching: planned.

Auto promote first child: planned.

Bookmarks sidebar pane: planned.

Better styling of tabs: can you explain?
Auto-collapse unfocused tree: can you explain?


Notebook divided into separate notes

Stickman 11 years ago 0

I love chrome, but the only thing that blocks me to change browser from Opera is the lack of notes. Your addon is brilliant, amazing, gorgeous, great! :) Now I can dock the notebook, such as in Opera. The only thing that is missing for me is split notepad into individual notes. A good solution is in Opera - the upper half of the window contains the individual notes and the lower half displays the contents. Like this:


PLEASE release the source!

Athul Acharya 10 years ago updated by Taija Mertanen 7 years ago 2
First off, THANK YOU for doing this. It's what I need to make the switch from Firefox, which has become increasingly slow and bloated. But there are a few things that could be improved, and I'm sure there are many people out there—myself included—willing to help out. Please, PLEASE release the source and let the community work on improving this great tool.

Strange behavior on latest Chromium (79.0.3945.79).

dlnsk 5 years ago updated by Zhenyu Tong 4 years ago 7

Tabs don't wake up in place but create duplicates.


Hide Sidewise in Windows Taskbar

Florian Schicker 12 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 12 years ago 7

would be a great option to hide the sidewise task in the taskbar of window cause its not needed to click on it

Joel Thornton 12 years ago

I am working on a simple Windows-only .exe (written in AutoHotKey) which is  able to hide Sidewise's tray icon as well as fix the alt-tab problem.

The script isn't ready for release yet as it currently causes a couple bugs within Sidewise itself, most likely specific to minimizing/restoring the dock window and/or sidebar. It also needs a "automatically launch at startup" function. But the no-taskbar-button and hide-from-alt-tab-order functions otherwise seem to work correctly.

If you want to try the script out in its present state:

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey 
  2. Save the script file somewhere
  3. Run the script file to enable the taskbar/alt-tab hiding functionality
  4. To have it automatically run on startup, create a shortcut to the .ahk script file in your Windows Startup folder (Start -> Programs -> Startup).