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This occurs when the focus is on the Sidewise window. Simply click on the active page to select it.

On my Windows 7, this happens automatically.

Sounds like it's by design.

In Chrome, you can't have:




...The pinned tab simply moves in front of all other non-pinned tabs.

What extensions do you have installed? I don't recall this problem ever occurring on my Chrome.

Oh wait, nevermind. I understand what you're saying now.

Joel (developer) hasn't been here for a few months, though...

Maybe go to Sidewise options and "Enable diagnostics", restart the browser, "Send diagnostic report", "Export data", and then "Emergency Restore".

Oh, yes. I would rather the default sidebar width setting did not change unless explicitly changed in the settings. It seems manually resizing the sidebar (unintentionally) changes the settings. There could be a "set current width as default" button as well.

Unfortunately, limitations in the Chrome API prevent this.

Sidebar support was initially considered a few years ago, but rejected. The issue is supposed to be reconsidered by the design team this year. Since the main problem this solved was the "bookmarks sidebar" one, the future of "Sidewise docking" is uncertain; more focus will probably be given to bookmarks than sidetabs.


EDIT: Here's Joel's comment on this issue:


  • Have you tried clicking the "maximize" button of your browser? Sidewise automatically resizes the browser window after you do this.
  • Unfortunately, this is not possible due to Chrome limitations. (Or it would have been done already.)
Yeah, Sidewise is the Firefox-killer for me as well. :)

BTW, you can also export your Sidewise stuff to a text file (and upload it to the cloud) to get a proper backup. I do this once every month.

Obviously, this is most useful when a large number of your tabs remain static. (Mine do.)