Behavior of Ctrl+F should be optional

Chris Morrow 11 years ago updated by royalcrown 11 years ago 3

I love the ability to search among my tabs, but I don't need to do it with a key combination. For me, Ctrl+F always means "search for text in the active tab", especially because I can't remember whether Sidewise or the Chrome window is the currently active window.

I would prefer that Sidewise not give Ctrl+F any functionality at all (yes, I'll be initially frustrated that no in-tab search seems to be happening, but I'll work my way around it), but I'm sure other users like it, so it should be optional (maybe as part of a "turn off key commands" option?).

This occurs when the focus is on the Sidewise window. Simply click on the active page to select it.

On my Windows 7, this happens automatically.

I know, it's just that the Sidewise window's activeness is usually invisible to me; I forget where I recently clicked. Maybe I should tweak with Windows 7 to make the active window more obvious. It's not a huge deal in any case.

A related bug - for some reason when I use cmd+T to open a new tab while sidewise is in focus, "t" ends up in the search bar.