Used the control + mousewheel to resize text smaller. Result: Sidewise window missing vertical scroll bar, sidewise tabs extend past right side without text truncation, missing refresh and close [x] buttons on tabs even if sidewise window maximized

aich zed 11 years ago updated by Hans Müller 11 years ago 5

Unbeknownst to me I resized the text a couple sizes down in the sidewise window by using control + mousewheel. Result: tab text continues past the right edge of the screen, there are no more refresh or close [x] icons visible anywhere, and my sidewise window no longer had any vertical scrollbar even with 100's of tabs, even if I maximize the sidewise window.

Recovered by selecting sidewise window and resizing text back up.

Maybe go to Sidewise options and "Enable diagnostics", restart the browser, "Send diagnostic report", "Export data", and then "Emergency Restore".

yeah it turns out using the mouse wheel to select smaller text sizes in the sidewise window, does this repeatably. so its definitely a bug unless its the result of some other extension i have installed, which seems extremely unlikely.

if anyone else runs into this before its fixed, simply re-select the sidewise window (by clicking in a blank area or selecting a tab) and then hold down ctrl and use the mousewheel to resize the text back up a couple clicks. On my system it only blows away the right truncation, "..." and close and refresh buttons, on the smallest two possible text sizes anyway. So its not a big loss. But I'd still like to see it fixed.

Oh wait, nevermind. I understand what you're saying now.

Joel (developer) hasn't been here for a few months, though...

Thank you =) And thanks especially to Joel for developing Sidewise in the first place. In fact I sent a donation of $20 around September of last year simply because Sidewise functionality is indeed something I use for hours of every day.

See http://sidewise.userecho.com/topic/137794-zoom-of-100-in-sidewise-cuts-off-the-panes-right-parts-with-scroll-bars-and-the-on-hover-buttons/