New Tab Bug

Tomasz Ja 11 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 11 years ago 25

Hi,I'm having some issues with your extension. Sometimes a new tab stays as "New Tab" in the Sidewise window even if i've browsed somewhere in it. This seems to happen only with some websites. What i'm doing:

1. Open new tab

2. Type in url

3. Press enter

4. Site loads, but the Sidewise entry stays as "New Tab" and gets stuck as it. Clicking on it in the Sidewise doesn't focus the tab in the browser window.



I've released a fix for this in version 2013.4.18.0. If you want it right away, go to your Extensions page, check "Developer mode" then click "Update extensions now".

Apologies for the delay.


I also have this problem. It creates a weird kind of "zombie" tab in its place if you remove it from the sidebar. If you press ctrl (or cmd) + R while the tab bar is focused, you will see all of those removed tabs. If you kill them and refresh again they come back. The only way I've found how to kill them for good is to hibernate, wake, and then kill them.

Do you find this happening reliably with any specific urls?

What extensions do you have installed? I don't recall this problem ever occurring on my Chrome.

It is with specific urls, worst thing is that this happens even with google search straight from address bar. I have plenty of them but never had this problem. There is one which I installed lately but I disable it and close chrome clean cache and so on, but it did not change anything. It is GFACE Experience Plugin (it is for Warface game). I was thinking that this problem is more connected with chrome itself. Maybe new update. I have got this problem form few days and 26th of March was new release of stable version of chrome. Btw, same thing happens with Tabs Outliner, I checked it after I saw a bug in SIdewise.

I allowed Sidewise in incognito mode and search straight form address bar is working, but for instance www.wp.pl does not work (I was trying to find some English website but so far no "luck" :)). Btw, when I go on google.co.uk everyting works, only using search straight from address bar does not work.

That is so weird.

1. I open a new tab and type google.co.uk and press enter and we have got a "zombie".

2. I open a new tab and type www.google.co.uk and press enter and everything is ok.

It is getting even more weird.

It looks like "google.co.uk" was working but it stoped when I opened new window (ctrl + n) and there I typed in "google.co.uk" I had a zombie. From that moment in my main window (even after I closed new window) "google.co.uk" does not work. Same just happened with "www.google.co.uk"

I restarted chrome completely but still don not have "google.co.uk" and "www.google.co.uk".

I tried to do the same with imdb.com but it works in new window and new tab.

I am trying to find some pattern in this but for now it looks to random. 

Ctrl + N, imdb.com works. I closed it and did it again and it did not work. So from now on imdb is zombie anywhere. Same happend with gizmodo.com.

As far as my experiences go: the glitch is most nefarious when creating a new tab and starting a google search, but the frustrating thing is that I haven't found a way to consistently trigger the condition. With that said, it definitely happens often: if I don't pay attention, I can rack up 10+ zombie tabs in a half an hour. It just started happening a few days ago, but I haven't installed any new extensions in the meantime (Adblock, Sidewise, StumbleUpon). I will continue to try and find a reliable trigger for the problem.


This is the bug in Chrome v26. And a bad one. When user type some text and select some entry using auto-complete box, and if the site domain is a redirect actually, then the old chrome tab object is discarded without appropriate onRemoved event and a new one is created without the onCreated event from Chrome.

By the way, as far as i can tell it is already fixed in Chrome Canary. Yet i plan to release some crazy workaround-fix for TabsOutliner anyway.


Just a hint - it is possible to guess what tab is going to be zombified by using the onActivated event. First time it is come with the id of the alive tab, second time it comes with the id of newly created yet not reported tab id, so by remembering the last successful onActivated you can guess what tab is replaced. Hope this helps. Cheers : )


This is becoming really damn annoying.... It's impossible to use SideWise at the moment.

It was not fixed in Canary. Looks like our Sidewise guru don't have a time or will any more. Maybe he need help. Maybe he could open source it so community could help him. I use Tabs Outliner for the time being but I don't like it. Sidewise is the only side tabs for chrome.

I'm on a Mac, and I have found that when a tab does this it will start moving from right to left.  I thought I was going crazy at first.

Well, then... Goodbye Sidewise. I'm gonna use TabsOutliner.


My apologies for the delay on fixing this. This should now be working properly in version 2013.4.18.0.

If you disable predictive search, it works like a charm:

In preferences, Advanced: "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar"

You are right. It does not work because every letter it loads google or something and Sidewise probably waits for me to press enter, which is not happening during typing . Anyway, weird thing is that I turned that option off and it still predicting, even after Chrome restart.


I've released a fix for this in version 2013.4.18.0. If you want it right away, go to your Extensions page, check "Developer mode" then click "Update extensions now".

Apologies for the delay.


Apologies to all for the delay on fixing this. This should now be working properly in version 2013.4.18.0.

If anyone's still seeing this problem please post.

Thanks for the fix Joel.

It works now (in Chrome and in Canary) BUT

If i make a new tab (CTRL+T), type something in the url bar (not an url, a search) it works... BUT if I close that tab with CTRL+W or by closing it from the original tab bar... it doesn't disappear from the sidewise.

Thanks again mate, you rock!

Thanks for catching that! Fixed, and released as version 2013.4.18.1.

Tnx for fixing. I've put a little donation for you and I suggest all others do the same.



I am still experiencing problems (version 2013.4.18.1). I still get zombie tabs that are visible if I refresh the sidewise panel, and am still experiencing stray tabs in the chrome tab bar. Not sure if my case is idiosyncratic or not.

Me too, but now it is less annoying than it was before, thanks to Joel of course. I am trying to find any pattern but no luck so far. I noticed that it happens more likely when I use few windows at once.