Pinning leads to wrong Parent Information

Martin J F. Reiter 11 years ago updated by Muntoo Meddler 11 years ago 1

Hi Joel,

i just found a minor Bug. If i Have a pinned Top-Tab with a child-tab

and I now want to Pin the sibling of the Top-Tab it is turned into a child of the first pinned tab.

Initial State

+Pinned Tab A

|   \- Child Tab of A

|- To Be Pinned Tab B

|- some other tabs...

After Pinning the "To Be Pinned Tab B" the tree looks like this:

+ Pinned Tab A

|  | - To Be Pinned Tab B (now also Pinned)

|  \ - Child Tab of A

|-some other tabs...



Sounds like it's by design.

In Chrome, you can't have:




...The pinned tab simply moves in front of all other non-pinned tabs.