Emergency restore option is amazing.

vaibhav kumar 11 years ago updated by Muntoo Meddler 11 years ago 1

I had some major system crash and when I reopened sidewise, I found that it was not working and I had lost all of the links. Thought of reinstalling it or even removing it. But, tried to look around a bit and found Emergency restore in Advanced Option. You might want to make users aware about this coz losing all the links will force users (who are not willing to look around) to stop using this for once and for all.

And it's a very well thought of and well designed application. Brilliant job!

BTW, you can also export your Sidewise stuff to a text file (and upload it to the cloud) to get a proper backup. I do this once every month.

Obviously, this is most useful when a large number of your tabs remain static. (Mine do.)