This is the official user feedback forum for Sidewise, the Google Chrome extension that brings a dockable sidebar and Tree Style Tabs to Chrome.

Gap between Sidewise and Chrome window on Windows 10

Balázs Takács 4 aastat tagasi uuendatud 4 aastat tagasi 1

There is a gap between the two windows, picture below. I can close the gap, it will always be the same. Could you fix it please?


First of all thank you so much for this awesome plug in!

Daniel Macias 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja Joel Thornton 7 aastat tagasi 1

First of all thank you so much for this awesome plug in!!!! However, if you could please add different COLORS to highlight the tabs that would be awesome!!! Please add at least green, red, and blue!!!

Joel Thornton 7 aastat tagasi

Marking as PLANNED. Currently thinking this would work well as a series of small colored boxes that appear next to the "Highlight" context menu item, plus options to let you customize which colors appear in those boxes from the options page.


Currently open tabs list

Muntoo Meddler 8 aastat tagasi uuendaja Joel Thornton 7 aastat tagasi 4

Alongside the Reddit and Notepad tabs (which, by the way, the user should be able to disable), there should be a tab for displaying the currently loaded tabs in the tab bar without a tree-like structure. In this way, we can browse through the tab list quickly and select which tabs to hibernate/keep.


Have this extension been abandoned? There are significant bugs and no updates for last 6 months.

Alex Kevarsky 6 aastat tagasi uuendaja Thomas Daly 6 aastat tagasi 1

Sidewise reopens deleted tabs

Stephen Almond 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja Diego Abbasbayli 6 aastat tagasi 2

When I open Chrome, Sidewise opens automatically, but it now brings up lots of previously closed tabs ( the closed tabs now shown in Hibernated mode).

This didn't use to happen - seemed to start in the past few days.

How can I stop this behaviour?


export to the interent to synchronize tabs multiple browsers

andry wolf 6 aastat tagasi uuendaja Metacore 6 aastat tagasi 1
Thank you! good extension!
Have exported to a file but do not export to the interent
to synchronize tabs multiple browsers on different computers.

I for myself have finalized and implemented an extension function to export all settings and tabs in, and import them back into the expansion of
If anyone is interested please contact us by e-mail: or share examples show modifying extension will be glad to cooperate with the developer


It would be nice to export/import the tabs in a window to a text based format.

Patrick Oliveras 6 aastat tagasi uuendaja Pysis 4 aastat tagasi 1
A kind of basic compatibility to allow for integration, automation and other user defined functionality.
It may even allow for faster and vaster feature testing!

In my opinion, you're making the best tab manager out there, mainly because of the problems you're focusing on.

Option to hide the close tab icon upon tab hover

onguarde 8 aastat tagasi uuendaja Joel Thornton 8 aastat tagasi 0

I frequenty click the close/hibernate icons accidentally when in fact, I only intend to select the tab.

This happens mainly because of the small width of my sidewise tree bar. I prefer this so as to reduce screen real estate.

It's nice if the hovering icons be made optional. Really useful also if you're already using shortcuts like "middle-click" to close tab. 


Sidebar width

máté sipos 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja Josh Leperkawn 7 aastat tagasi 2

Sidewise can't remember my width setting.


Import Failures on Version 2017.2.12.0

David Kirk 2 aastat tagasi uuendaja Michael Videlgauz 6 kuud tagasi 2

I am getting an error when trying to import any Sidewise config export.

A pop-up opens and says: "There was a problem importing the data. Unexpected token u in JSON at position 1464." as well as a long dump of errors.

How to duplicate:

  1. Install Sidewise.
  2. Open a single tab for
  3. Click Sidewise gear.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Sidewise Options and click Export.
  5. Click Import and paste what you just exported.