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Me too, but now it is less annoying than it was before, thanks to Joel of course. I am trying to find any pattern but no luck so far. I noticed that it happens more likely when I use few windows at once.

You are right. It does not work because every letter it loads google or something and Sidewise probably waits for me to press enter, which is not happening during typing . Anyway, weird thing is that I turned that option off and it still predicting, even after Chrome restart.

It was not fixed in Canary. Looks like our Sidewise guru don't have a time or will any more. Maybe he need help. Maybe he could open source it so community could help him. I use Tabs Outliner for the time being but I don't like it. Sidewise is the only side tabs for chrome.

Ctrl + N, works. I closed it and did it again and it did not work. So from now on imdb is zombie anywhere. Same happend with

I restarted chrome completely but still don not have "" and "".

I tried to do the same with but it works in new window and new tab.

I am trying to find some pattern in this but for now it looks to random. 

It is getting even more weird.

It looks like "" was working but it stoped when I opened new window (ctrl + n) and there I typed in "" I had a zombie. From that moment in my main window (even after I closed new window) "" does not work. Same just happened with ""

That is so weird.

1. I open a new tab and type and press enter and we have got a "zombie".

2. I open a new tab and type and press enter and everything is ok.

I allowed Sidewise in incognito mode and search straight form address bar is working, but for instance does not work (I was trying to find some English website but so far no "luck" :)). Btw, when I go on everyting works, only using search straight from address bar does not work.