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  • Replace closed tab with a new Folder row

What do you think of option 3?

In terms of information display, The folder root tab enforces the child relationship of the child tabs.

However, replacing the closed tab with its next child, is better for information processing. Right after we close the parent tab, the very next tab we wanna see is usually the child tab.

Consider this workflow,

After google searching, you open a bunch of tabs in the background. Then, you decide you're done with searching; close the google tab. At this point, you wanna process the links you opened. So you do so one by one, closing the tabs. 

Never once do you have to switch to another tab. I think this is the primary goal of the "smart logic" option.

Hope this helps!

Hmm.. on tree style tab of firefox, 

I use alt+w to open a child tab. 

And alt+q to open a root tab.

Both of which, focuses the location bar, for me to type in a new url/search term.

The only "other way" I can think of at the moment is, two "new tab" buttons that provide the required functionality.

Thanks for the long reply!


"forces the primary Chrome window to essentially be larger than the display it is on"

I don't think that will help. Because windows 7 will automatically move off-positioned windows once your mouse touches the edge of the screen.

If there's someway to disable this, then it would certainly be a viable solution.

As far as my googling goes, this doesn't seem to be possible.


Wow great!

Btw, is there a development branch of the extension that we can try earlier?

Or do we have to wait until it officially updates in the chrome web store?

Imho, I don't think the accidental closing of tabs is a real problem.

Firstly, the people using sidewise are likely to be advanced users who are somewhat immune to this.

Secondly, its not so easy to accidentally left, shift mouse position down slightly + right click.

The low probability of occurrence do not adequately justify the inconvenience of sticking to the current position.

Just my thoughts. 


Even if the sidebar is docked on the left, the right scrollbar position on the the main window has been displaced slightly from its original position. When the browser window is fully maximised, you can simply fling your mouse to the right side and click to start dragging the scrollbar. (Fitt's law infinite width)


Currently, we only have one "new tab" function.

Which opens currently opens at the end in the tree bar.

Its nice to have have 2 functions.

1) New child tab

For "related topics", relating to the parent tab.

2) New root tab (opens at very start/end of tab bar)

For "new unrelated topic"

Sorry if it wasn't clear enough earlier!


Of course, its best made into an option. 


This feature is really a killer one. 

It really makes web browsing more efficient.

Minimises the number of tabs you have to jump over to get to the one you want.