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Chrome scrollbar no longer at right hand side

onguarde 12 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 12 years ago 4

The chrome window is no longer minimised when sidewise tree is docked.

I can no longer easily right the right scrollbar simply by flinging my mouse over to the rightmost side of the screen.

I use it frequently for panning so its a little annoying.

In windows, placing the chrome window slightly offscreen doesn't work. 

Windows 7 will automatically, move it back into the viewable area. I tried to search for a way to turn this off but it seems its not possible.

Anyone else finding this an issue?


To clarify, is your issue that the sidebar is taking up the right edge of the screen and therefore the dock window's scrollbar is located to the left of the sidebar?

If so, one thing that might help out is to dock the sidebar to the left of the dock window instead.

Even if the sidebar is docked on the left, the right scrollbar position on the the main window has been displaced slightly from its original position. When the browser window is fully maximised, you can simply fling your mouse to the right side and click to start dragging the scrollbar. (Fitt's law infinite width)


OK, I understand.

Unfortunately, since Chrome does not offer us a real sidebar API for extensions to use, Sidewise "fakes it" by opening a second Chrome window and sizing/positioning it to where we want the sidebar. The consequence of this is that we can't have the primary Chrome window be maximized on one display, leading to the scrollbar displacement problem.

So at this time there are really only a couple options:

- Make Sidewise undocked and underneath the primary Chrome window, then switch to it when you want it.

- Put the Sidewise sidebar onto a second adjacent monitor and uncheck the 'allow Sidewise to unmaximize the dock window' option. 

One possible other solution is to add a feature to Sidewise where it forces the primary Chrome window to essentially be larger than the display it is on, so that its window borders go off the edge of the display thus mimicking a maximized window more closely. I'll give this some thought, but I have a feeling that Chrome may not allow this -- it may just snap the window's edges back to fit within the confines of the display.

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Thanks for the long reply!


"forces the primary Chrome window to essentially be larger than the display it is on"

I don't think that will help. Because windows 7 will automatically move off-positioned windows once your mouse touches the edge of the screen.

If there's someway to disable this, then it would certainly be a viable solution.

As far as my googling goes, this doesn't seem to be possible.