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Do you mean the format of the "export" string? That's plain json, but being in one single long line, it is difficult to read. 

You can copy it into something like VisualStudio and have it reformat it for you. The structure is as below. The current data set seems to be in the "pageTree". In the below, I had three pages at the time I asked for an export.

And here is how an entry might look:

Thank you very much for posting the work-around. I figured there must be some thing particular to my setup, since not too many people have complained about this. Also really appreciate that the developer gives us something quite useful, and for free :)

Also not working for me. Tried reinstalling, but that did not help either.

I just noticed that the folder created in this manner cannot be deleted by the user. However, as it disappears when the session ends, this isn't really an issue. ;)