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Tnx for fixing. I've put a little donation for you and I suggest all others do the same.


I doubt that. Metro is not mixed with classic Win32 GUI, nor alt+tab shows Metro windows.

Yes, I have checked that option.

In meanwhile, I've found out something - alt-tabbing still has known problems on Win7, but works nicely on Win8.

Hm, I do confirm there is trouble with pages that have 'Sidewise' in the title, but, maybe we could get an option for more unique Sidewise title? :)

Alt-tabbing seems to be working fine at my place (Win8).


If you're Windows user, I believe I've found a solution for #1!

Google for TrayIt! utility, it's free.

Start it. Right click on Sidewise, check Place in System Tray.

Right click on Sidewise, select Edit profile. In profile, check match pattern for title and class, and check 'Hide paplication from taskbar all the time'.

It seems to be working! It also resolves alt-tab problem1

1. Doh! Is there a way to access Win32 functions from Chrome extension, or it's completely sandboxed?

3. I have one more. Can you make ctrl+w not to close your window, but currently visible tab?