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Thing is, the AutoHotKey script is probably not well suited for such advanced stuff. I could be wrong, though.

Realize that those are separate sessions. For this to be possible, there would need to be:

  1. Sidewise installed on all sessions.
  2. Ability to communicate between these sessions.

#2 is a bit of a challenge. Two possible methods are:

  1. Use Chrome API allowing extensions to communicate between various sessions/access databases.
  2. Sync Sidewise constantly over the Internet or a local server.

The first probably doesn't exist, and the second one might prove to be difficult to implement or a strain on the servers Sidewise sync will host on.

It loses visibility and is detrimental to usability. The current design is logical.

However, if you want to accommodate for small-horizontal-width users, I suppose that could be an _option_, or perhaps is triggered automatically whenever the sidebar becomes too small.

Go to Sidewise's options page, and click on "Toggle and reorder available sidebar panes".

If you want to disable animations, click on "Reveal advanced options" and then toggle "Enable animation"

Also, the maximise/minimize/close buttons are not removable.

I see no benefit to adding a "recently closed tree" in the main pane (say that out loud... main pane). A list of trees/tabs in a separate pane would be far more intuitive, logical, and would not clutter the main pane.

When restoring closed tabs, if it is nested, there are a few implementations to consider, ordered from most difficult to least difficult:

  • The tab should either be restored to where it was in the main pane before it was closed. (So, under its original tree.) If this is not possible (the tree was also closed):
    • The necessary tree(s) should be restored along with the tab, but as hibernated placeholders.
    • The tab should be restored as a 'root tab' at the bottom of the main pane.
  • The tab should be restored as a 'root tab' at the bottom of the main pane.
EDIT: this might be a bit off topic...

On my single monitor (laptop) 1366x768 (I think), I have a vertical Windows taskbar and it seems to work fine for me.

I would put the "hibernate other tabs" menu option in "flat open tabs view" (once it gets implemented) only so the menu doesn't get cluttered.

Yeah, that's cool. :)

I was just wondering if you'd been kidnapped by the MPAA/RIAA or Anti-Open Source ninjas.

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