When you plan to release next version and what features will be present in it?

Abu Imir 8 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 8 years ago 8

When you plan to release next version and what features will be present in it?

What is you roadmap?

Maybe some help needed?


The next version will very probably be out by the end of the month. Most of the work that has been going on since the last release has been internal stuff that won't have any visible difference from the end-user perspective, but is laying the groundwork for faster features/releases to follow.

The main visible feature that will be in the next release is that the tab order will be synchronized between Chrome's horizontal tabbar and Sidewise's vertical tree. This also improves how tabs are initially placed in the tree and will improve overall compatibility with other Chrome extensions.

Most of the remaining visible changes are bug fixes, particularly fixes regarding pinned tabs and fixes related to drag-and-drop vs. prompt dialog boxes. I may also include a new set of options that allow you to disable/enable/reorder which sidebar panes show up in the sidebar, depending on timing.

A roadmap is a good idea, I think I'll put something together after this next release for interested folks to keep an eye on. I will also probably be putting together an "early/nightly release" version in the near future for those who want to use the latest, possibly buggy in-development version.

I'm not quite ready to enlist outside help yet -- the codebase is still a little messy and I want to get everything reasonably tidy and comprehensible before I share it. I'll also be looking for help with non-English translations and custom sidebar themes in the not too distant future.

Thanks for your interest!

So, uh... any news on this?


Apologies for the delay - sometimes, life intervenes :)

I expect to release sometime this week. Most everything is working properly, and the known bugs are not show-stoppers.

Yeah, that's cool. :)

I was just wondering if you'd been kidnapped by the MPAA/RIAA or Anti-Open Source ninjas.

Yeh, also wait a lot for sources ;) Have several excellent ideas. Open Source is a great thing! Power to the users! I hope donations will cover all the sweat. Or maybe they already do this?

Donations aren't covering a whole lot at this stage :) But every bit helps. Given Sidewise's small user base and its beta status, I think the users have been quite generous.

Sources definitely coming! Most likely after a couple more "core" features go in, plus some tidying up.

I heard that for popular Firefox addons roughly every eightieth user donate something, is this true for Chrome?

New version just released. Let me know what you think!

Will be looking at creating a roadmap and "early release version" during this next release cycle.