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Chrome : Sidewise not keeping track of tabs properly even pressing F5

lhommealenvers 3 years ago updated by flynn 3 years ago 5
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Can you be more specific? It sounds like you are saying that Sidewise isn't tracking what happens to Chrome's tabs in any way. Is that the case, or is something specific being missed by Sidewise?


Sure. Sidewise usually works pretty good but :

- Sometimes closing a tab does not remove it from Sidewise.

- Sometimes opening a tab does not add it in Sidewise. Tabs opened from those unregistered tabs are not being registered either.

- Ctrl-Shift-T (reopen last closed tab) will reopen the tab but sometimes add it to the first window instead of the window it was in (but the tab is registered)

More generally it seems like sometimes the link between a tab and its reference in the Sidewise window is lost.

I have never seen it happening, when I notice the tabs don't match the references it's too late. And pressing F5 doesn't change it.

I've been getting the exact same thing for weeks now too, but only seems to happen with my Win 10 machine. It may be occurring after I hibernate and return. It's like Sidewise gets out of sync with recent and new tabs. If you close a recent tab it doesn't close in Sidewise and vice versa. You create a new tab and it doesn't appear in Sidewise.

Just had it happen without hibernating. It's hard to catch what it's doing but in this case for a tab I closed in the browser I think Sidewise closed the wrong tab in its list and left the one it should have closed orphaned.

Now seeing it in 7 also.