Open new tab as a child of current tab.

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This is possible in tree-style tabs.

Its very useful especially when searching google for something related to the content of the current page. So when you close the new google search tab, you immediately return back to the previous related tab.

However, it's also true that sometimes, you want to start a completely new search. Thus, in firefox, I have 2 keyboard shortcuts. One for opening a child tab. Another for opening a tab at the start/end of the tab bar.

This allows very efficient management of the tab tree without much "moving around".

To clarify, is your request for a keybinding to open a new blank tab as a child of the current tab?


Currently, we only have one "new tab" function.

Which opens currently opens at the end in the tree bar.

Its nice to have have 2 functions.

1) New child tab

For "related topics", relating to the parent tab.

2) New root tab (opens at very start/end of tab bar)

For "new unrelated topic"

Sorry if it wasn't clear enough earlier!


What hotkeys do you use for these functions?

Are there any other ways to perform the "new child tab" function that you think should be supported?

Hmm.. on tree style tab of firefox, 

I use alt+w to open a child tab. 

And alt+q to open a root tab.

Both of which, focuses the location bar, for me to type in a new url/search term.

The only "other way" I can think of at the moment is, two "new tab" buttons that provide the required functionality.



I finally switched from Firefox to Chrome today. Tree Style Tabs was the main reason I stuck with Firefox for the last couple of years. I installed Sidewise and realized it mostly does everything I need from Tree Style Tabs, *except* this. This is a pretty big one for sure. Though I imagine not too hard to implement.

How do I open a new tab


In Tree Style Tabs, you can set the default behavior for new tabs. So ctrl-t will open a new tab as a child of the current tab. Or, as suggested, custom shortcut, or a separate new tab button for this.

How do I open a new tab

Because I don't know how to open a new tab