Chrome starts to flicker when switching on the pages pane in Sidwise

NeoDevlin 11 years ago updated by Aiden 5 years ago 22
Hi, i love your extension. But since maybe 3 days chrome starts sometime to flicker. It seems like it is because losing focus on chrome and the focus is switching forth and back between chrome and Sidewise. This also effects other programs, too. I can stop it temporarily buy minimizing chrome. To stop it completely if have to turn off and on sidewise or restart chrome. I can't reproduce the bug every time, but when it happenend I can start it again by clicking on the pages icon in sidewise.

It also happens to me. Same problem NeoDevlin described...
I seems to happen randomly...for example:
  •  I click on a link on excel and opens chrome
  • when I come back from another application (for example excel)...
  • When I change from tab to tab in sideways.
Workaround: by clicking in any place on the web (chrome) it returns to stillness.

Thanks in advance!
Hey NeoDevlin, try to change "Enable animations" under sidewise settings. It seems that It worked for me!
Nope, still happens... but It's less intense
I am having the same issue. For me it started when chrome updated to version "32.0.1700.76 m", it seems to happen more often when a tab is opened from from Visual Studio 2012. Hope this helps, good luck. 
I'm experiencing the same issue. I don't observe any dependencies to MS Office or .NET-Applications though.
Yes, same here :(
I'm experiencing the same issue. I can get it to calm down sometimes but it often just flashes focus between the sidewise sidebar window and the chrome window.
Incidentally, the problem seems to go away when you turn on debugging...
Yeah I'm getting this too. I think it started within the last 2 weeks or so. Also, I'm frequently getting chrome messages saying "The following pages have become unresponsive. You can kill them or wait for them to become responsive: Sidewise." (or something to that effect) I ignore them and everything is still fine, but I often have to restart chrome to get sidewise to work again. I currently have ~350 tabs open, but only 4 of them are active; the rest are hibernating.
Nothing really works for me :( and I switched back to Firefox...
BTW, this thread should be in 'BUG' section I think
It's a bit saddening to me that this bug doesn't seem to have any outward-facing movement for 3+ months. :( I'm currently on Chrome v35.0.1916.47 beta-m and this still occurs at least once every boot of Chrome. Has anyone else had success suppressing this by turning certain settings on/off?

Nope, nothing worked for me... :-(
I've stopped using sidewise. I just suck all the tabs into Onetab when it grows unwieldly. Now I don't have to worry as much about the memory bloat of the browser
Hello: I uninstalled Sidewise, then reinstalled and now it doesnt' flicker... using chrome 35.0.1916.114 beta-m right now.

I thought I had tested before... but now it works for me.

Settings -> uncheck "Keep sidebar visible next to dock window"

worked for me.

3 years later and people still use this? I forgot this even existed :)

Yes, because Mozilla has destroyed plugin compatibility for the gold standard in tree browsing - treestyle tabs. I believe also that Chrome'a API is broken enough that Sidewise cannot provide similar functionality. The combo of Treestyle tabs and Tab mix plus on Firefox 56 was the peak of productivity and we've gone backwards a long way.

If you know of a better tree style tabs utility for Chrome, I'm all ears. 

When mine starts to flicker I found that if I click in the main browser window it will stop.  It can't be any where in the main window, but has to be a blank area of the website the main window is showing.  That stops it for me every time.  Depending on the webpage, sometimes its hard to find an empty area that if clicked will not take you somewhere.

I found if I click on the Sidewise tab and then the Main browser it stops right away!

I gave up on this add-on.  

I switched to "Tabs Outliner" and so far like it better now.  Wish it would dock to the main window, but still better than this app.




The first post here is 6 years old.

Problem still not solved, is anyone maintaining Sidewise or is it completely dead?

On Chromebooks, if sidewise is on another desk, it switches desk back and forth, which does not help. Please make sidewise work with multiple desks.