Add ability to open selected tab

Robin Bono 7 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 7 years ago 0

Add ability to open selected tab in new chrome window, or ability to drag the tag in sidewize to new chrome window.

As in my case when I have alot of tabs and arent able anymore to select any of the tabs as chrome support but have to use sidewize all the time, it would be nice to be able to move that tab to a new window by rightclick the tab in sidewize and select the option to move it to a new window. Also if you could just drag that tab in sidewize outside and it automatically start a new google chrome window.

Why I need this feature is becuse I have 4 screens and sometimes I multitask and look on for example a youtube video and read articles at same time. Then it is a bit annoying to "start a new google chrome -> copy adress from the website I want to have in new google chrome -> paste it in new -> close the old one"