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Hi; I'm a new Sidewise (SW) user, and every new tab I create jumps!

If I'm on a page like and right-click on any link, a new tab is opened for that link just to the right of the current tab.  If I sit and watch for about 10 seconds, the new tab moves to the left of the current tab.  When the new tab is created, it shows up *above* the current tab in the SW window, and that's the final order of tabs after the new tab jumps.

Perhaps SW is being told that the new tab is to the left of the current tab, and after a few seconds it's making the actual tab order match its internal state?  This would make sense, since manually moving tabs in SW affects the real order.

I just tested this by right-clicking on a link, clicking on 'open link in a new tab', and immediately dragging the new tab below the current tab in SW.  The tab did not jump, as it was where SW thought it should be.

Another test: I was viewing my 16th tab out of 19, then clicked on the '...' menu, hovered over 'More tools  >', then clicked 'Extensions'.  Chrome created a new tab at the right end of the tab bar, but SW thought the new tab was to the right of (er, below) the current tab.  After a few seconds, the new tab was moved to be just to the right of the current tab, 3 tabs away.

Oh, this is interesting; I opened a 'Settings' tab, then grabbed it, and put it at the right end of the tab, and it jumped back to where it was after a few seconds.  I tried dragging it somewhere else, and now it's disappeared from SW.

Browser: Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Sidewise version: Sidewise Tree Style Tabs 2017.2.12.0