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I really want to get this problem fixed but it is a difficult one to reproduce. So far I almost never see it occur here, and can't reproduce it reliably. 

Hey Joel,

First, thanks for your work and effort on creating and maintaining this plugin.  I enjoy being able to open sets of tabs that are all related (like all my monthly billpay/finance, pay my bills, close them all).

I'm experiencing this tab jump, but not while I'm using chrome.  It only happens when I completely close chrome and restart it.  Suddenly there are a lot of "dead" tabs introduced in sidewise that don't appear in the actual tabs, and the order of everything is mixed up.

It's nice that I can use sidewise to click the X on the dead tabs and drag my tabs back around to the order I want, but it would be better if this weren't happening.

I'm open to you giving me a debug version of the plugin and sending you back the debug log if this will help you figure out the issue.

It happens every time I've used chrome for a little while (visiting sites, closing tabs, etc) and then restart it, so I'm sure you'd enjoy a no-false-positives log file.

One thing I haven't done is purposely observed sidewise before I shutdown chrome to see if the dead tabs are there before close, but I can say I never noticed these dead tabs before shutdown.  I'll pay more attention to this detail the next couple times I restart chrome.

Thanks again!