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PS: By restore, I mean when I run chrome, sidewise sometimes reorders the tabs or duplicates many of them. I then have to reorder them which is time consuming. When I've tried backing up into notepad, then using this to restore, sidewise always gives me an error. "Emergency Restore" has never done anything. Please advise.

Is there a way to open a new tab just under an existing tab? I dont see the '+' option to do this.

I've lost my tabs a number of times (sometimes well over 1000 tabs). When I backup to clipboard, it always gives me an error when I try to restore, and clicking emergency restore has never done anything. Please advise.

How do I import the data? I tried pasting all of it into the box that appears when you click "import" but it just creates an additional tab with all the data.
The saved tabs file ends exactly with "End Sidewise Data" so it must not be corrupt. I was able to recover all these pages before, but I "lucked" into the recovery, and am not sure how I did it the first time. If you can help, hugely appreciated !
There must be an easy way to restore the 500+ pages since I did save them using Sidewise save and I can see the data is there.
I lost all my sidewise tabs (500+). I did save them 3 months ago. How do I recover them? I pasted the file into the sidewise "import" box but all this code is pasted then nothing happens. Please help !