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My preferred ordering would be to keep it as it is.

This is because:

  • Closed tab at bottom prevents accidents.
  • Hibernate/Wake Branch are my most frequently used actions.
  • By convention "Close" is usually at the bottom.
  • Closed tab being too far away only a problem when the menu becomes too long. At the moment it is short and simple enough that it is best to keep the Close tab where it is.

Perhaps moving Put in new folder after the first separator might be a possible change, but otherwise, it's completely fine as it is now.

Restarting Sidewise/Chrome has little effect...

I think this should be an optional thing. I've got a mouse with a quick scrolling wheel and it gets annoying when I need *precise* amounts of scrolls.

The current behaviour suits me better.

My current workaround is:

Note that the "Stacked Tabs" feature seems to be Windows-only at the moment.

Same thing happens to me, now that you mention it.

I sometimes have a "Window" with 0 pages at the bottom. I cannot close it without closing my entire browser. Actually, I have one right now...

I have two pinned tabs inside one normal window, one incognito window, and Sidewise along with TrayIt.

This sometimes happens when start Chrome.

Here's a referral link to Dropbox which will give us both an extra 500MB of space.

If there's a specific folder/file that contains the information, you can use Dropbox (or most other file sharing services, such as my favorite, Cubby) to sync the tab list.

Is there a specific database or place where Sidewise stores its state? Like, XML file that is generated realtime so that other Sidewise settings can still be separately managed on a per-computer basis?

Just curious: is there any existing API that lets you search tabs?

Also, changing it to a regex search (for non-URLs) and the ability to filter only open tabs would be nice. <code>.*</code> (+open tabs, +titles_only) could even temporarily serve as one of those sidebar flatteners I requested earlier.

Note the that 'search within pages' option will probably only work for open tabs; otherwise, it will be way too slow for 100+ hibernated tabs.

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