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Have you tried going to Sidewise's options and clicking "Detect all monitors now"?

Any news on this? It would be useful with a large number of folders/trees.

Just to be clear, you mean:

Ctrl+Tab: Next tab.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Previous tab.

Whenever Sidewise is in focus? (Or out of focus.)

Have you tried setting it up so that the popup window is barely visible underneath the main browser window? This way, it takes up little space and you don't need to keep clicking the toolbar button.

Of course, an option to keep it from going out of focus would be useful as well in your case.

Clever solution. Does it work with multiple offender tabs?

If you do want to implement this, the keyword "Window" is unnecessary because it is already highlighted Yellow and given space indicating its importance.

3 open, 4 inactive

would work just as well as

Window (7 pages)

I'm not sure this should be an "customizable option", however, so this is "do or do not".


How about this:

Window (3/7 pages)

It is obvious to a user that there is no such thing as 3/7th of a page, so they can infer what the numbers represent.


Sorry about the bad formatting.

You can configure Chrome's Settings to reopen your last session. Pinned tabs will do the job as well, if you choose not to do this. (Though you will lose the order of your trees.)

Is there a particular reason you want this?

I the second step of this particular proposal is:

  • Difficult to implement correctly.
  • Only appeals to a very, very small portion of the userbase. (1 in 10000, say.)
  • Adds bloat.


This sort of thing would work better as a fork of Sidewise. Or, heck another extension. Now that I think about it, the way Sidewise opens up tabs (matching titles, URI)  leaves a perfect opportunity for the a separate extension that is unrelated to Sidewise. The next step is finding someone to develop a "Open particular set of pages on startup with so and so rules" extension.

(Please don't be offended by the downvote and keep the ideas coming; I just do not think this is the right focus for Sidewise.)

I think the YouTube video timer feature is one of the things this extension. (Try playing a YouTube video and looking at the sidebar.) As well as the Reddit and Groveshark features?

@Joel, Perhaps look into "Optional permissions" if you want to try implementing this.

It doesn't affect me personally. (Hence my use of the extension. :P)

I think the YouTube video timer feature is one of the things this extension requires that permission for. (Try playing a YouTube video and looking at the sidebar.)

As well as the Reddit and Groveshark features?

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