Attach to new window automatically.

Carlos Umanzor 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

If you are working in multiple windows, you have to manually click in the icon to dock the sidebar to that window. It would be wonderful if you could dock automatically to the window that has focus

I installed Sidewise, uninstalled it after 10 minutes and came back again later cause I found nothing better (closer to Tree Style Tabs for Firefox) for Chrome. This behavior along with problem with switching to another application and back described here (Multiple Windows and other ideas) was the main reason for uninstalling it the first time - I had to click on the Sidewise icon to get it dock back. Now it's been almost a year a solution for this is planned and 2 years that the Multiple Windows problem is known and nothing happened. I'm trying to get away from Firefox for a long time now, but there is no possibility so far to have the list of tabs vertically alligned in any other browser. Have you already researched the problem? Is a solution for this problem even possible? Does the Chrome API give you what is necessary to fix it? Cause as I see it now, Sidewise is one small step from getting itself uninstalled again, because with or without it Chrome is equally unusable as my default browser.
From all the implementations I've seen (attempts to mimic Tree Style Tabs) I suspect that making the actual tabs in Chrome to change position and appearance to the wanted extent is impossible - Sidewise and all others just create another window with desired content and the tabs remain where they are - at the top. I want THEM to be on the side displayed as a tree, because I want them to disappear from the top and save space from the much needed height on a modern widescreen display... Is that so? Is the Chrome API unable to manipulate the tabs in such way?
Maybe I shall not try to switch to Chrome at all. As I wrote all this I've decided to uninstall Sidewise and to give Chrome another try in case the answer is No after all and somebody makes real replacement for Tree Style Tabs...
The easiest solution so far (as a user)  is to add a shortcut key to the Sidewise extension, that way you can get the Sidewise window in your current browser.