Huge bug for me: No Sidewise window, and clicking the Sidewise button does nothing at all

Chris Morrow 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1
Is this the right place to report the bug or ask for help? Basically, the problem is as in the description. I've quit and restart Chrome and the problem remains. I can still access the settings. I'm paranoid that everything's been lost, but that's probably not the case.
Well, I did the emergency restore and it's working again. I guess something just got corrupted somehow. That did lose my most recent session, but before the restore I had done an export, which worked despite the data being "invisible", so on a re-import everything's back to normal.

EDIT: Wait, no it's not. I see URLs in the saved data that don't appear when I search their titles in the box. Does the saved data include more than is displayed?