PLEASE release the source!

Athul Acharya hace 10 años actualizado por Taija Mertanen hace 7 años 2
First off, THANK YOU for doing this. It's what I need to make the switch from Firefox, which has become increasingly slow and bloated. But there are a few things that could be improved, and I'm sure there are many people out there—myself included—willing to help out. Please, PLEASE release the source and let the community work on improving this great tool.

Indeed. Right now Github is being hijacked as a free issue tracker; but the source is not released. That makes me go... eww.

I concur! This is a lovely application and I think everyone would benefit if it the source was released. The community could help you improve it, brainstorm ideas or just fiddle with their own versions. 

Heck, I pledge to donate 20 bucks if you do so, just to prove that you won't lose anything!