Add option to disable repositioning to other monitor

Nenad Ognjanovic 6 years ago 0
I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 laptop, which I use with external monitor while at work and built-in screen only at home. Sidewise *always* detects this as a single monitor, regardless of whether the external monitor is connected or not. This results in the following very annoying behavior:

When not using external monitor, Chrome will start with correct window position on the screen but after few seconds Sidewise will move the Chrome outside of the screen bounds, luckily I can do Right click > Move on the classic Gnome taskbar to drag it back.
When using external monitor, similar behavior happens, but this time I see the window on another monitor and can drag it back directly.

I don't want this moving of window at all, I'm fine with wherever I left it, please add an option to disable this feature completely.