(don't want to rehash, hear me out): regarding opening the source

Prof Plum 6 ár síðan 0

Hey I know that this has been mentioned several times, but hear me out, I'm not trying to repeat what's already been said. 
In the previous posts people have made you said that you didn't release it because you still had more 'big items on your todo list', and 'code cleanup to do'. 

Trust me I definitely understand where you're coming from, I've felt the same way about my projects many many times. But I can tell you from personal experience that that todo list isn't going to shrink, it's only going to grow & the more 'important features' you implement the more code there is going to be to clean...

So if you think you can take the word of someone still suffering from neurotic perfectionism, then do yourself a favor & just post whatever you've got. It is very easy to overthink these things, but the project has clearly gotten to a size that is unrealistic for a single person to handle; the more problems you deal with the more that will pop up... Anyways thanks for hearing me out & have a happy New Years!