fetaures request

Nir Melamoud 2 years ago 0

Hi, amazing plugin, love it, few requests that will make it even better

1. the drag and drop to create parent / child relationship is messed up, it does not work well, very hard to actually create the parent child relationship while keeping the order of pages / tabs you want 

2. need control over where is the next new tab going to - what folder, I suggest to no folder (root) if I create a folder called shopping , drag few tabs to it, the next new tab sometimes will be auto added to shopping (and sometimes not, depend on the location of the tab) folders are great tobe able to switch quickly between topics, like shopping, work, sports, movies etc , auto adding messing that up

3. auto open folder, when open a new browser to be able to select what folder will be opened automatically (I want to see all the tabs in that folder always) - can be achieved using a chrome built in feature

4. homepage - when closing the last tab via sidewise, reverse to a new tab with reserve name of homepage  and not close the browser

5. dock but folded , add view that the sidewise is docked but folded witha button to extend it and fold it again, while resizing the browser so the overall browser + sidesize will take the same space no matter if folded or not