Active tabs disappear after closing second window

HHest 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open three tabs in window 1.
  2. Open three tabs in window 2.
  3. Hibernate two tabs in both windows, leaving one open in each.
  4. Close window 2, then close window 1.
  5. Reopen Chrome and note that SW has only two hibernated tab in the window 2 list (bug), while three hibernated tab in window 1 list (as desired).

Note: if one were to reverse the "close" action, i.e. close window 1, then close window 2, then the bug would appear in the window 1 list. My guess is that the auto-hibernating feature works only on the last window close.

Note 2: I found a workaround by closing Chrome via the menu or by the shortcut ctrl-shift-q. Would be great if this could be fixed, however, because I tend to forget to do this :(

Thank you very much!