Sidewise tab list is not in sync with tabs across the top of Chrome

JCairney 3 years ago updated by ernobe 2 years ago 1

I closed Sidewise for a while because it was doing the flickering thing, and not properly displaying the list of tabs.  

Now when I open it, I see a bunch of hibernated tabs that I have closed, and between the hibernated tabs and the active tabs I don't think I am seeing all the tabs I have open.  I would assume that going to any one of the tabs I don't see, via Chrome's tabs, would create the tab row or bring it out of hibernation in Sidewise and select it, but that isn't happening.

As it is, I don't think I can use this as a replacement to Firefox's Tree Style Tabs (sorry that we make that constant comparison).

Did you try "emergency restore" in the advanced options?