A paid mode for reliable daily backups (so you get funded and source code can be released)?

Taija Mertanen 7 years ago 0

If you need more funding for the development of this extension, what do you think about a paid mode with a SINGLE TIME payment model, that would provide the users with constant, reliable backups to a remote service. Google Drive, for example, has limits to the API requests, I think it's 500 write requests per project per day. So it would only be understandable that you needed a little more funding to increase that quota.

I definitely would be willing to pay for that mode, if the single-time payment was reasonable.

This doesn't mean other users couldn't create backups, but it could be limited in some way or only limited to local backups. I've heard a lot of people have had problems with the current export/import system, so I'm a little afraid to start using Sidewise seriously, in case I lose my data.

Also, I know people have been bothering you a lot of about making this project open source and I know you have limited resources and time. But if you got some extra funding, I would hope you could then release the source code to GitHub. I personally would really love to fork the project. :)

Anyway, just a suggestion.