Mod for better scrollbar handling

nao 7 years ago 0

A small tip for you or anyone interested. With Sidewise installed, you can't maximize the main Chrome/Opera window anymore, so it's harder to 'find' the vertical scrollbar to move through a web page. Here's what I've been doing for years, and re-doing everytime Sidewise was updated:

Find and open, in your Chrome/Opera's AppData folder,

biiammgklaefagjclmnlialkmaemifgo\(version number)\js\bg\classes\SidebarHandler.js

Find :


Replace with:


What these 7 extra bytes do is that when the windows are sized, the sidebar is placed 8 pixels to the left compared to normal, and the main window's width is increased by 16 pixels. As such, the non-maximized window borders (you know, those gutters with a drop shadow) are hidden, and you can move your mouse cursor to the right of the window to directly drag the scrollbar without even having to look.

I'm not suggesting that it'd be added as a Sidewise feature because maybe the fixed sizes aren't what Windows is using for you (it works on vanilla Windows 7 and Windows 10, at the very least), I did try at some point to use JS to get the border width of windows (as documented online), but it didn't work for me and I didn't insist because it was only for my personal use.

If anything, though, it's a feature to look into. It actually makes Chrome more usable than by default (IIRC, its scrollbars don't 'touch' the border of the screen.)