Closed tabs still visible in Sidewise

RevHardt 6 years ago updated by Hawk 6 years ago 1
  • Tabs closed from the browser window (via mouse or keyboard) remain in the Sidewise window without fail. In addition, they are indistinguishable from open tabs, which causes mass confusion.
    They have to be manually closed in Sidewise too, and sometimes refuse to be removed (cannot reproduce on demand, but fairly common).
    Closing tabs from Sidewise works as expected. No other tab management extensions enabled.
  • Tabs remain in Sidewise between sessions (corresponding option is unchecked - not sure if it is because Chrome continues in background)
  • Open tabs jump around sometimes (not reproducible on demand), and often refuse to remain in position even after manual rearrangement. Happens irrespective of Sidewise smart focus logic option status.
I'm also seeing the Sidewise sidebar not stay updated when I close tabs in Chrome (not using the Sidewise 'close' button) and seems generally buggy/sketchy....

I like this extension more than any other tab manager so I hope you can fix the tab list updating bug soon!!  Thanks.