Don't automatically search when typing

Eric Raymond 6 years ago 0
When the sidewise window has the focus, any character you type starts a search.  More often than not, the user did not intend to search and does not realize a search is going on.   

This results in the accidental search to filter out tabs from sidewise.  To the user, it appears that the tabs are gone.  

Even though I understand this, I get tripped up on this .because it takes me time to realize the search is in effect.  This is usually when I try to create/restore a tab via command-T or command-shift-T browser shortcut and I'm searching on t.

Simple solution is to require the user to click in the search box to gain focus to begin a search. (that is, do not have the focus on the edit box by default) IMHO search is not a common activity and requiring focus before typing is a standard.