Lost the last few weeks of hibernated tabs

Darren F vor 10 Jahren aktualisiert vor 10 Jahren 2
Hi Joel,

Restarted chrome today and realized that the last few weeks of hibernated tabs were gone. After panicking, I went to the options and did an emergency restore. Same tabs were restored. Doh.

Is there anything else I might be able to do to restore the last few weeks? It's not catastrophic but I did have some important work there that I'd hate to lose.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Stats--

Windows 7 x64
Chrome Portable v.31.0.1650.63

Hibernated tab groups appear to be not saving between sessions. I'm noticing several instances where hibernated tab groups disappear after closing the window.
Not sure if I've exceeded the number of hibernated tabs (I have a LOT), but tab hibernating is now very unreliable. 80% of the time hibernated tabs don't save between sessions. I've tried reinstalling but same issue.