New Tab Bug Same problem!!!

Алексей Матвеев 7 years ago updated by royalcrown 7 years ago 1

I use it whith windows 8 on my home laptop and on my work laptop and have the same problem. When i open http://www.aliexpress.com/ it still write a "New Tab" and when i open new pages clicking on the wheel on my mouse, they dont shows in sidewise. I see the new tabs in standart chrome panel, but not in side wise. The same problem i have in many sites : http://rozetka.com.ua/ , http://www.microline.ua , http://fotomag.com.ua/ etc. All where fine but a last week is horrible to me with these sites. Fix it please!


This is a known bug - apparently it is due to V26 of Chrome. There is an earlier thread about it (http://sidewise.userecho.com/topic/161643-new-tab-bug/) that might give you some more information. It seems that Joel is aware of the bug and is working on it.