when you already have more than 90% code required to 'Permanently' Save a link, then why not to extend it a LITTLE more, So that ONLY YOUR program is used to Save 'Bookmarks' also

G ks 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1
Either i could not find THIS feature or it is not implemented as of now.

One issue faced frequently ->
I've saved a link for a frequently visited website, but after restoring the link if I close that tab, the link is LOST, OR I've to SAVE THE TAB AGAIN in order to restore it the next time.
I understand that some 'Favorites' application should be used for this purpose, but when you already have more than 90% of this feature in your program then why not to exend it a LITTLE to make it Even More useful.

One possible Solution ->
One ADDITIONAL button with the link APPEARS -> To 'Permanently Save' the link. This button will contain the code for EXISTING Close-and-save button so that the link is 'Preserved' in the Existing way, BUT ALSO it will save the link in an area which can be VIEWED in another tab also 'Permanently saved Links'.

Thus the link saved by this NEW button -> alongwith appearing
In the main tab, it appears in ONE MORE TAB (permanently Saved Links),

The 'Permanently saved link' can be opened from Main tab as well as from the EXTRA TAB 'Permanently Saved links' -> so that the link's ENTRY IN THE MAIN TAB IS REMOVED / CLOSED after "restoring-and-closing" it in the window but the link in the 'Permanently saved links' tab REMAINS-THERE even after closing the "restored link-TAB"
Some more features, which can be implemented without TOO MUCH effort ->
Custom Colors for -> (1) Main windows background color (2) Differnet color For PERMANENTLY saved links (3) For ORDINARILY saved links (4) For currently OPENED link

ONE NOTE -> At present although we've the Blue color for currently opened links, but would it not be better to have A SEPARATE color for CURRENTLY ACTIVE TAB ALSO, AND THAT TOO FOR DIFFERENT WINDOWS, ie, if in window1 -> Tab no 3 is active and in window 2 , tab no 5 is active then the GREEN (or some other color) will be applied TO BOTH -> Tab no 3 and Tab no 5 (as is implemented in 'Tab Outliner' also)