Joel, I'd like to send you the error report for my sidewise tool, it no longer opens in chrome. I had 1500 strategic tabs that will be lost because of this. I love this tool, just hope you can work out this bug.

Andrew Cook 7 years ago 0

Error in event handler for 'tabs.onCreated': Cannot call method 'isDetecting' of undefined TypeError: Cannot call method 'isDetecting' of undefined at onTabCreated (chrome-extension://biiammgklaefagjclmnlialkmaemifgo/js/bg/events/tab-events.js:5:54) at chrome.Event.dispatchToListener (event_bindings:390:21) at chrome.Event.dispatch_ (event_bindings:376:27) at dispatchArgs (event_bindings:249:22)  >>>>> I can also send you the "code" report