Losing link between tabs in SW and Chrome

dsl101 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 1

Several times over the last few weeks I've noticed that tabs occasionally get 'disconnected' between Chrome and SW. At the moment, I have a tab which is shown in the list on SW and in the tab bar in Chrome. But clicking on the tab in SW doesn't activate that tab. Similarly, if I activate a different tab and then switch to the problem tab using Chrome's tab bar, the highlighted row in SW doesn't update - it still shows as if I'm on the original tab.

Here's a simple way to demonstrate one aspect of this loss of linking.

  1. Create a few tabs
  2. Start a 'New Tab'
  3. Move that tab left using the Chrome tab bar - the tab should move up the list in SW.
  4. Move it to the far right (last tab) in Chrome tab bar - on mine setup, the SW tab stays as second to bottom.
It is possible to get the order back in sync, but only by moving the tab in the SW window. Clearly something is falling foul of bounds checking somewhere...