What prevents me from using Sidewise after first evaluation

Window Maker Live 5 years ago updated by Paul David 3 years ago 1
thanks for your efforts with this extension, but there are a few disadvantages which prevent me to use this any longer after having tried it now:

* The vertical tab tree does not replace the horizontal tabs, freeing up those pointlessly occupied horizontal pixels on today's vertically challenged wide screen displays, but just adds another view. Getting rid of the horizontal tabs should be a main feature of your add on. This is the main reason for wanting to use vertical tabs on a browser, and so far it only works in Firefox with the treestyle tab extension.

* Sidewise should not be a separate dock/window, but should be integrated into the browser window, equal to how Firefox' TreeStyle Tab addon works.

* Being a Linux user, i noted that the sidewise monitor detection overrides the window manager imposed window resize restrictions, covering the WindowMaker dock. This is usually respected by Chrome/Chromium/Iron, but Sidewise unfortunately disables that.

This is why i finally removed your extension, as it doesn't cover my actual needs.

Best regards,

I agree with all of your points, but don't necessarily come to the same conclusion... I'd like to use firefox more than I really do, but I'm just finding over the past few years that chrome and chromium just work better overall (providing you have the RAM). Yes, sidewise does have drawbacks, but I still find it useful.